THE POWER OF MANDALA♡ 6-week of 2-hour classic Universal Yoga intensive practice led by Carrie on Saturday (Feb 11, 18, 25 | Mar 11, 18, 25) 10am-12pm♡ Every week we will come together for a thematic UY intensive practice - students will experience movement of energy in different directions, comprehensive asana for the arms, shoulders, legs, hips and spine are linked with vinyasas to develop flexibility, strength and balance♡ Pranayama, visualisation and mantra chanting are included to purify the body, activate energy and enhance awareness♡ At the end of the class, participants will experience balance and union of the body and mind♡

Suitable for intermediate or mixed levels students♡ Small class sizes of up to exclusive 8 students to allow plenty of time for practice, discussions and questions♡

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Reiki Level One program with our Reiki Master Yan in Feb 2023♡ If you’d like to learn this beautiful healing modality, experience self healing, self growth, expand your intuition or facilitate healing for others then this program is for you♡
In Level One, we cover the basics of Reiki and how to use Reiki energy for self healing♡
• Reiki history, story and more
• The Reiki Principles
• The first Reiki Symbol
• Receiving Reiki Level One attunement
• Reiki self-healing techniques
• Introduction to Energy and Empaths
• Get to know Chakra and Chakra Balancing with Reiki
• Guided Reiki Meditation as well as Meditation Recordings for your future use
• How to use Reiki in daily life

You will get hands on experience so you walk away with the knowledge to practice and continue improving Reiki healing for yourself and your closed ones if you’d like to♡ More importantly, this is a 1-month long program: in addition to the 2 live sessions of 3 hours each (Sunday Feb 12 & 26, 2-5pm), we will set up an interactive message group to support your self growth♡
Small class sizes of up to exclusive 8 students to allow plenty of time for practice, discussions and questions♡ There’re no pre-requisites or special skills needed to attend this program♡ We’re all natural healers and Reiki is something we all have the ability to tap into♡

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We’ll be targeting two challenging asanas, Pincha Mayurasana & Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)♡ If one of your goals is to master the upside-down, both in a forearm stand or handstand, this workshop style intensive will be perfect for you♡

If you already have these poses we will also work in variations, taking them one step further, so this workshop will be for you as well!♡ We will break down the fundamental components of these inversions and explore new ones♡

Sometimes daily classes are not enough to get the pose♡ This series is designed to fast forward your understanding and execution of these asanas♡ And then always remember that consistency is the key!

Limited tickets♡ sign up now via DM, in studio or on the phone♡

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